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All of the books that teach you how to start a mobile catering business focus solely on trading at street food markets and festivals.


However, things have evolved in recent years and there is now a high demand for food vendors at private events - from weddings and birthdays to conferences, networking events and product launches.


Not only can private events be very lucrative but they also offer several benefits over food markets and festivals.


Benefits like not paying a pitch fee to trade, low competition from other mobile caterers and getting paid in advance.


In this ebook, you will not only learn how to start a successful mobile catering company but also get valuable insider knowledge based on years of experience on how to optimise it for private events.


Follow an easy step by step guide on how to create a successful mobile catering business - From learning how to choose the best types of products to sell and choosing the right type of catering unit to how to market your business and everything in between.


Learn how to optimise your business to get lucrative private events - Make your operation look professional and get in front of the right people with business to business marketing.

Get additional resources to achieve your goals and help with further learning - Expand your knowledge on topics such as the best equipment for mobile catering, popular types of street food, marketing tips and more.....


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The complete start-up checklist (Full list of products & services for mobile catering start-ups)

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