16 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas 2020

Updated: Mar 5

If you're looking to start a vegan food truck and need some menu inspiration then look no further.....

vegan food truck menu ideas

My first street food business was a mobile juice bar (which I still run today).

I saw a gap in the market in the food truck industry where I live for a healthy, meatless alternative so decided to go for it.

Since then back in 2015 the vegan and the meatless market has grown significantly by 2.69 billion globally in 2018 and is projected to expand at a rate of 9.6% from 2019 to 2025.

This growth has mainly been in the bricks and mortar type of businesses along with vegan products in supermarkets.

This means there is arguably still a lot more demand and space in the food truck industry for vegan food truck businesses.

So if you have landed on this article and are looking inspiration for vegan food truck menu ideas you have come to the right place.

Please read on for 15 inspiring vegan food truck menu ideas for 2020.

Benefits of a vegan food truck

The vegan food market has grown for a number of reasons over the last decade which means there are few additional benefits of starting a vegan food truck.

The health benefits

Its well documented that too much red meat is not good for our health and can lead to increased health risks.

Now I'm not a vegan but I definitely eat less meat these days and I think we can all appreciate a diet that is rich in fruits and veggies.

The lower costs

The highest costs in terms of making a food product for a food truck by far is meat.

Cutting meat out of the equation and the off the menu will, therefore, help with a healthier bottom line.

Less risk

When food prepping you have to use different chopping boards and area for meat, fish and fruit and veg. This is to reduce the risk of bacteria and food poisoning.

Running a meatless operation will, therefore, reduce the risks of cross-contamination making it a safer more efficient operation.

Helping the environment

Meat production is putting a large strain on our ecosystem and a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Therefore anything that can help to reduce the strain by consuming less meat (especially red meat) can only be a good thing, right?

1. Indian Street food

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas

There are naturally a lot of meatless vegan dishes in the Indian food repertoire.

This is, therefore, a great type of food for someone looking for vegan food truck menu ideas.

Indian food truck menu ideas:

- Gobi Aloo wrap - Cauliflower, potatoes, red lentil hummus

- Aloo Matar - Pea and potato curry

- Pav Bhaji - Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, green peppers, green peas and spices

- Vegetable samosas

2. Vegan dirty burgers

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas

Who doesn't love a good burger aye? there have been one of the most popular food truck items for many years now and continue to be.

However, as peoples eating habits have changed so are the offers from food truck traders. Namely vegan burgers.

They are pretty easy to make in bulk or there are a number of companies you can source from.

Beyond meat and Impossible are a few vegan burger companies currently breaking through.

Vegan burger food truck menu ideas:

- Mushroom and bean burger

- Smoky mushroom and jackfruit

- Sweet potato and black bean

How to make vegan burgers

3. Loaded fries

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - Loaded fries

Loaded fries are an easy one for the vegan market. You can use both sweet potato fries or regular white potatoes and the stuff you can load them with is pretty much endless.

Loaded fries food truck menu ideas:

- Kimchi loaded fries

- Tofu bacon and vegan nacho cheese

- Mushrooms, BBQ sauce and Jalapenos

4. Vegan tacos

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - Vegan tacos

Vegan taco food truck menu ideas:

- Quinoa mince

- BBQ mushrooms

- Cannelini beans and asparagus

- Jackfruit carnitas

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5. Vegan burritos

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - Vegan food truck burrito

The Mexican burrito is a versatile dish which can be filled with all sorts of vegan delights. Instead of carnitas (shredded beef) or chicken think bbq jackfruit or smoked tofu.

Vegan burrito food truck menu ideas:

- Black bean and smoked tofu

- Sweet potato, cauliflower, walnut taco meat

- BBQ shredded jackfruit

6. Vegan dogs

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - vegan food truck hotdog

Vegan hotdogs were lacking in the flavour department for many years but this has all changed.

There are a number of innovative companies now selling some very good tasting vegan hotdogs (Beyond Meat and trader joes to name but a few).

Sure you can make your own, but this can be time-consuming and you may have to make a lot to keep up with demand.

7. Vegan kebabs

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - vegan food truck kebabs

I've not seen many food trucks serving vegan kebabs so there may be a good opportunity here.

Instead of using chicken or lamb use tofu along with whatever veg tickles your fancy.

Kebabs can be served in wraps or naked on skewers with rice and a tasty dressing.

Vegan kebab food truck menu ideas:

- Smoked tofu and potato with ginger-garlic teriyaki dressing

- Mushroom, courgette and red pepper with ginger-garlic Teriyaki dressing

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8. Vegan Caribbean

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - Vegan Caribbean food truck

One of my favourite national cuisines of all time!

I have to confess I don't usually eat the vegan options when I go for a Caribean but there are definitely some tasty looking dishes to choose from.

Vegan Caribbean food truck menu ideas:

- Caribbean jerk chill - Coconut milk base, red beans, sweet bell pepper, juicy mango lime juice

- Vegan Caribbean bowl - Chickpea curry, roasted plantain and coconut rice

9. Vegan grilled cheese

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - vegan grilled cheese from a food truck

This is another type of vegan food that is pretty hard and time-consuming to make in the quantities needed for a food truck.

As long as the quality is there and ideally you are sourcing from a local company I don't see any problem with buying this from a third party.

Dr Cow, Miyoko’s Kitchen and Heidi Ho are well known and reputable vegan cheese brands.

10. Vegan pizza

15 Inspiring Vegan Food Truck Menu Ideas - vegan pizza food truck

One of the staple foods on the food truck scene and for very good reason.

It's delicious, relatively easy to make, has a good mark up and there are loads of toppings to choose from.