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5 Best Portable Hand Wash Stations For Events 2020

Updated: Aug 28

The best portable handwashing stations when a fixed water supply is in short demand

When you are at an event, whether it's a festival or exhibition it is important to have a source of running hot water for handwashing.

This is especially important if you are a mobile caterer and is in fact a legal requirement in the UK.

However, at most events, you will often find a fixed water supply is in short supply. This is where portable handwashing stations come in.

They can be easily transported around on wheels and either operated by a foot pump or infra-red foot activated.

So to help you choose the right one I have selected 5 of the best portable hand washing stations based on a few different factors which are suitable for a wide range of events.

How the products have been selected

All of the mobile handwashing stations on the list were chosen based on three main criteria:


Handwashing stations can weight over 30kg so you need a model that is easy to transport between location.

Ease of use

When you are setting up equipment for an event you want to make it as quick and easy as possible.

This means choosing a portable handwashing unit that is pretty much ready to go.

Product quality

You want a mobile handwashing station that is a commercial grade, preferably made from stainless steel, and built to last.

What are mobile handwash stations are suitable for?

All of the mobile handwashing stations on the list are suitable for a range of mobile events where there is no fixed water supply.

Events include:

  • Festivals

  • Fairs/fetes

  • Outdoor catering

  • Outdoor events

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions

This list is not exhaustive and these products can also be used in locations such as schools, building sites and anywhere there is no fixed water supply.

Burco Portable Hand Wash Sink

Product features:

  • 10-litre capacity

  • Infra-red activated

  • On wheels

  • 230V, 13 Amp power

  • Weight 8.8kg


  • light-weight/easy to transport

  • Infra-red foot-activated dispenser


  • Small water capacity

First on the list is the portable and very lightweight Burco portable handwash sink.

It's on wheels which makes it easy to transport and has an infra-red activated mechanism for water dispensing.

This improves hygiene as you don't have to physically use your hands to activate.

The one downside with this product, however, is it has a relatively low water capacity and can become a pain if you have to keep refilling when you have other priorities.

You can get it here from Nisbets at the latest price

IMC Mobile Hand Wash Station (backsplash)

Product features:

  • 10-litre capacity

  • Foot-activated, infra-red operated tap

  • Temperature control

  • On wheels

  • 13amp power supply

  • Weight - 31kg


  • Has a backsplash

  • Temperature controlled

  • Holders for hand wash and paper towels


  • Small capacity

  • Relatively heavy

One of the main things I like about this mobile hand washing station is that it has a backsplash.

This means it has holders for hand sanitizers and paper towels for drying hands and protects against dirty water splashes over walls and other surfaces

This can be particularly useful especially when you are working on other peoples premises and don't want to messy their walls.

This model also has a temperature gauge which protects against scolding if the water becomes too hot.

However, the two main downsides with the IMC portable hand wash basin is that like the previous model it only has a 10-litre capacity and for its water capacity is relatively heavy at 31kg.

You can get it here from Nisbets at the latest price

Parry Stainless Steel Mobile Sink

Product features:

  • 15-litre capacity

  • Foot pump operated

  • On wheels

  • 13amp power supply

  • Weight - 26.50kg


  • Increased water capacity

  • Foot pump operated (good for when there no power source)


  • No backsplash

This model of portable handwash unit for events has an increased water holding capacity of 15 litres which means more hand washes between refills.

It also has an infra-red foot-activated water dispenser which is a feature I quite like as it can be quite responsive.

However, unlike the previous IMC model, it doesn't have a backsplash, which I find a very useful product feature.

You can get it here from Nisbets at the latest price

Tasty Trotter Hand Wash Unit

Product features:

  • 19-litre capacity

  • Temperature gauge

  • Weight - 5 kg


  • Very cost-effective

  • lightweight

  • built-in soap dispenser

  • Large capacity for size and price

  • Good for when there's no electric

  • No moving parts meaning less likely to break


  • Water only stays at required hand-washing temp. for 6 hours

  • Need additionals surface to put on

  • Need to buy separate waste container (jerry can)

This portable hand wash unit is great if you are on a budget and a good low-end solution for hygiene at events.

It has a temperature gauge so you know how hot the water is, a decent water capacity of 19 litres and is very lightweight considering its water capacity.

It also doesn't need a fixed power supply which is good for when there is no power onsite or you need to minimize power consumption.

Moreover, because it doesn't have any moving parts, such as a pump or electrical components, it's less likely to break down.

However, there are three downsides to this portable hand wash unit I need to point out.

The first is that it only keeps water at the required handwashing temperate for up to 6 hours.

This can become a problem if your using it for a large event and there is nowhere in the building to heat water.

Second, it is not made from stainless steel which makes it slightly harder to clean.

And third, it is not sold with a dirty water container, which means you will need to buy one separately.

You can get it here from Amazon at the latest price

IMC Mobile Hand Wash Station

Product features:

  • 20-Litre capacity

  • Foot pump operated

  • On wheels

  • Weight - 27.4 kg


  • Works with no electric

  • Large capacity


  • Foot pumps can be less responsive

Last on the list is the IMC mobile hand washing station and at 20-litre capacity is the largest on the list and probably one of the largest on the market.

One of the main features I like most about this model is that it is foot-pump operated. This means it can be used if there is no electrical supply on the premises.

It also, like the other IMC handwashing model it also has a backsplash.

I'm struggling to find any negatives with this model as it ticks all the boxes in terms of features for what you need from a mobile hand wash station for catering or events.

The one thing I would say is that infra-red foot-activated mobile sink units are a bit more responsive in my experience compared to foot pump operated models.

You can get it here from Nisbets at the latest price

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Key takeaway

If you are on a budget and need a portable hand washing station for small events I definitely recommend going for the small Tasty Trotter mobile handwash unit.

For the price, it has some good features and is very lightweight meaning one less piece of equipment you have to worry about transporting between events.

If however, you intend to do larger events you may want to consider a mobile hand wash station with a larger water capacity.

In that case, I suggest going for the Parry stainless steel mobile sink.

At 15 litres it doesn't have the largest capacity but what it does have is a good compromise between mid-range capacity and an infra-red activated foot pump (this type of pump can be more responsive).

But if you really like the backsplash feature then its the IMC portable handwashing unit models.

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