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5 Best Silent Generators for food trucks 2020

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Check out these top 5 silent generators suitable for your food truck

There are many reasons to choose a quiet generator (also known as silent or inverter generators) for your food truck.

They, are more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient and are more portable, which is a must for when you are on the move. They also create less noise, which is good for when you need to hear what your customers are ordering.

However, special consideration is needed when choosing the right type of quiet generator for your food truck. In particular, the power you will need to run all your appliances, the runtime between refuelling and obviously the reliability/quality of the generator.

I have therefore taken these two features into account when recommending these top 5 quiet generators for food trucks.

How many watts does it take to run a food truck?

Before we jump right into the best silent generators for your food truck, there are a few things to consider.

The appliances you will be using will determine how big of a generator you need to run a food truck.

To run a food truck you are looking at a minimum of 3000 watts or 25 amps to run basic equipment such as fridges, blenders or microwaves.

However, it is suggested you get a generator with a bit more power, of between 5000-7000 watts, if you intend to run multiple appliances, to give you that extra bit of capacity.

A good tip is, to get the right balance between gas-run and electrical powered equipment, therefore your electrical power needs will be less.


Refrigerator = 400-1000 kws / 3.3-8 amps

Microwave = 750-1000-kws / 6.25-9.2 amps

Blender = 450-700 kws/3.3-5.8 amps

Soup kettle = 400-600 kws / 3.3-5 amps

Total = 2000- 3300 kws / 16.6-30amps

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How much does a generator cost for a food truck?

You may want to consider the cost of a new quiet generator for your food truck. The cost of a silent generator (3000 kW minimum) for a food truck, is between $800 all the way up to $4000.

A bit more expensive than traditional petrol generators, but there are a number of upsides to silent generators.

Pro's and Con's of Quiet generators


  • Highly Portable - Designed with portability in mind and with smaller fuel tanks (see fuel efficiency)

  • Clean energy - These types of generators create a clean and stable energy called "sinewave" energy, which is the same as what electricity companies send.

  • Lower noise levels - This is because the engine runs more efficiently and is built in an enclosed casing and designed with mufflers.

  • Fuel efficiency - runs at a speed only for what is required, as opposed as running at full speed to meet your power demands

  • Safer


  • Expense - Comparably more expensive than traditional petrol/diesel generators.

  • Power - mid-range silent generators start at 2000-4000 watts, whilst conventional generates in the same category hold around 4000kws.

Top 5 quiet generators for food trucks

1. Hyundai HY3200SEi Digital Inverter Suitcase Generator

Max output: 3200kw

Rated output: 2600kw

Weight: 35kg (dry weight)

Runtime: 7 hours

Noise Level db (A): 96

Voltage: 230/240

Start method: Recoil - Key - Wireless Remote

Compact yet powerful, the Hyundai HY3200SEi quiet generator is a good choice for your food truck if you have a small number of appliances to power.

It has an integrated carry handle on wheels which makes it easy to transport and store between any events.

This quiet generator has an "Eco" mode which lowers the power, increasing fuel efficiency and lowering the noise produced. It can also be converted in a dual fuel generator using both LPG gas and unleaded petrol

Portability: 5/5

Noise level: 2/5

Power: 2.5/5

Runtime: 3/5

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2. HYUNDAI P1 P4000i 4000W Portable Petrol Inverter Generator

Max output: 3800kw

Rated output: 3500kw

Weight: 48kg (dry weight)

Runtime: 12 hours @ 50% load

Noise Level db (A): 58

Voltage: 230v/12v DC/USB

Start Method: Push Button Electric, Recoil Backup, Remote Key Fob

This Hyundai quiet generator is in the same range as the previous one but has a bit more power to meet your food truck power needs.

This generator not only has Eco mode, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels even lower to 58 dB (decibels) but also has a longer runtime. This will ensure you can get a good day's trade-in before having to refuel.

Portability: 3.5/5

Noise level: 5/5

Power: 3.5/5

Runtime: 3.5/5

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3. Hyundai HY4500SEI 230V Petrol Driven 4000W 4.0kW 5kVA Portable Silenced Generator

Max output: 4000kw / 5kva

Rated output: 3.2kW / 4kVA

Weight: 50kg (dry weight)

Runtime: 12 hours @ 50% load

Noise Level db (A): 59

Voltage: 230v

Start method: Electric Remote Start & Pull Start

A common theme is starting to emerge here with another silent generator from Hyundai. However, this is for very good reason because they are a tried and tested brand.

This brand new addition to Hyundai's quiet generator range offers all of the features outlined above but with even more power for your food truck, with a maximum output of 4000 watts.

However, it is worth noting this silent generator is slightly heavier than its predecessors in the Hyundais range at 50kg.

Portability: 3/5

Noise level: 4/5

Power: 4/5

Runtime: 4/5

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4. Honda EU30i 3000w Super-Silent Portable Generator

Max output: 3000kw

Rated output: 2600kw

Weight: 35.2kg (dry weight)

Runtime: 3 hours 50mins

Noise Level db (A): 74

Voltage: 230v

Start method: recoil

There is no better or well-known brand for quiet or silent generators for your food truck than Honda. A bit more expensive than generators in the Hyundai range, but with the additional cost comes the extra peace of mind.

This silent generator offers the lowest power of all the recommended generators, so if you have more than a couple of appliances in your food truck to power, I recommend a silent generator over 4000kw's.

Portability: 4/5

Noise level: 3/5

Power: 2/5

Runtime: 2/5

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5. Honda EU70iS (EU70) 7000w Silent Generator

Max output: 7000kw

Rated output: 5500kw

Weight: 118kg (dry weight)

Runtime: 18.0 hrs. @ 1/4 load

Noise Level dB (A): 58

Voltage: 230v

Start method: Recoil, electric

This silent generator from Honda is a beast and at a 7000kw's maximum output will be able to handle pretty much all of your food truck power needs.

This silent generator is heavier than the other four, which makes it not the best for portability, but it does have a massive runtime of 18 hours. This will definitely see you through any type of event, without the need to refuel when you have a queue of people to serve.

Portability: 2/5

Noise level: 5/5

Power: 5/5

Runtime: 5/5

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Go for a well-known brand of a silent or quiet generator for your food truck (Hyundai or Honda). I can tell you I have used both a well-known brand generator such as a Hyundai and a not so well known brand, which I will not mention here. And I recommend the former any day of the week.

It may cost you a little more, but you will have more peace of mind, in the long run, your generator will not break down, in the middle of an event, hence avoiding a hefty loss to your business.

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